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Lucy, Nottingham
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Getting debt help was the best decision I ever made. The experts I worked with helped me create a manageable plan to pay off my debts and gave me the peace of mind I needed.
Henry, Manchester
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I was so stressed and overwhelmed by my debts, but after reaching out to My Debt Solution, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. The guidance and support I received were invaluable
Mike, Edinburgh
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If you're struggling with debt, don't hesitate to seek help. The professionals I worked with were understanding and non-judgmental, and they helped me get back on track with my finances.
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How Much Of Your Debt Could You Potentially Write-Off?..

How much debt you could write off depends on the solution available to you. If we look at a debt in contention claim then our excellent law partners will look to scrutinise your contracts with creditors. Other solutions may include an IVA which in a most cases there is a write off amount. You can learn more about what would apply to you by completing our form.
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We tailor your solution based on your current circumstances.

Step 2

Our expert helpers can help write off debts by:
Scrutinise your contracts for misguided information and seek to write off debts.
Come to agreements with current creditors.

Step 3

In some cases you can also stop bailiff enforcement.
Stop all calls and letters.
Pay 1 affordable payment.

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There is no catch but dealing with debt means you have to budget. For a solution to succeed in clearing your debt you must make sure that you don’t promise to pay more than you can realistically afford. You might be surprised to learn that your creditors are likely to agree to accept less than you expected once they understand you are taking advice and action to sort your debts out.
The types of Debts that can be considered are: Council Tax arrears, Loans and Payday Loans, Credit cards, Utility Bills, Catalogue Debts, Almost any unsecured debt!
Once you enter an IVA, creditors can take no further action against you and can’t contact you directly.
In most cases entering an IVA won’t affect employment. However, in certain professions, such as accountants and solicitors, having an IVA may mean that you can no longer practice or you may only be able to practice under certain conditions.
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